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Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers come in many varieties.  This page will describe some of the more commonly used applications on the market today.  Many types and brands of concrete sealers are specified, but most are applied in similar application methods. 
If you do not see your specific type or brand indicated here, please call or e-mail us - the chances are that we can provide and install it.

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One type of sealer fitting into the surface-film category would be thin film epoxy coating.  This sealer provides a high durability surface film that is effective protection on old or worn concrete surfaces.  This makes the floor easier to keep clean and resistant to most general chemicals.




Another type of thin film sealers are acrylic sealers that are water or solvent born.  These systems are designed to produce a semi-gloss look and easy recoatability.  The provide good service for foot or light truck traffic. 

This inexpensive type of sealers are known as sacrificial wear surfaces and require occasional recoating.




Other types of concrete sealers falling into the penetrating sealer class would be non-film forming sealers.  These systems penetrate surfaces of concrete and provide dust proofing, oil and moderate chemical repellence.  Penetrating sealers work below the concrete's surface to provide years of service.




Another group of non-film forming sealers known as concrete hardeners, dust proof and increase abrasion resistance.  These systems are a great long term solution for warehouse and production areas because they will resist tire marking and improve the look of concrete over time.




See also Concrete Polishing and Concrete Staining.

In summary, there are numerous varieties of concrete sealers and treatments to achieve the results you want.  Call us with your specific needs and we will point you in the right direction.  For those who like technical information, we have a partial list below.

Surface film Sealers

Pentox 50

A pre-measured two component, low viscosity, epoxy resin sealer that penetrates concrete surfaces to completely fill pores with minimal membrane buildup. Protect concrete from oil penetration.

Siloseal WB

SILOSEAL WB is a low gloss, VOC-compliant, non-yellowing, deeply penetrating protective sealer for surfaces subjected to graffiti and moisture penetration. SILOSEAL WB chemically bonds with the reactive OH groups in stone, concrete, and masonry to form a water repellent chemical barrier that reduces graffiti paint penetration without significantly altering the natural appearance of the building surface.

Dress & Seal WB & WB 30

DRESS & SEAL WB is a general purpose water based acrylic blend cure, sealer, VOC compliant. DRESS & SEAL WB cures, seals and dustproofs concrete. It effectively cures concrete and assists in proper strength development. Resists yellowing. Very low odor. Easy to apply.
DRESS & SEAL WB 30 is a high performance, water based acrylic blend cure, sealer, VOC compliant. DRESS & SEAL WB 30 cures, seals and dustproofs concrete with a tough impervious film, helping the concrete attain maximum hardness. Very low odor. Resists yellowing. Easy to apply.
COMPLIANCE: DRESS & SEAL WB - ASTM C-309, Type 1. VOC - all states. DRESS & SEAL WB 30 - ASTM C-309, Type 1; ASTM C-1315, Grade B. VOC - all states.

Lumiseal WB and Lumiseal WB Plus

LUMISEAL WB and LUMISEAL WB PLUS are 100% non-yellowing, water based, high performance, pure acrylic cure and sealing compounds. They are designed to provide sealing qualities that are totally resistant to yellowing from ultraviolet exposure. These products have low odor and are ideal for patterned, stamped, and architectural concrete.

Penetrating Sealers


PETROTEX is a ready to use, quick drying, low-odor, water-based solution containing a new generation, invisible, and VOC compliant blend of silane, siloxane and fluoro-polymers. PETROTEX effectively treats concrete pavements, driveways, commercial and industrial building floors to resist the penetration of water and oils. PETROTEX penetrates into the surface, forming a long lasting oil and water repellent barrier that retards the penetration of these contaminants.

Hydropel WB

Our newest generation of water-based, VOC-compliant water repellents. This reactive silane and siloxane blend penetrates surfaces to form an invisible, long lasting, water-repellent barrier. Odorless and easy to apply. HYDROPEL WB is recommended for dense and moderately porous vertical masonry and concrete substrates.

Aquapel & Aquapel Plus

Protects concrete from the damaging effects of water and road salts and deicing chemicals. It is a water-based silane/siloxane treatment that is odorless, nonflammable and VOC compliant. AQUAPEL offers positive chloride-ion screening, prevents moisture intrusion, minimizes rebar corrosion and potential concrete spalling. Complies with all state and federal VOC regulations. Available in two concentrations. One coat application recommended for most applications. COMPLIANCE: NCHRP 244, ASTM C-672

Concrete Hardeners

Seal Hard

Our "top of the line," new generation concrete chemical hardener, densifier, dustproofer, and sealer. SEAL HARD hardens and seals the concrete near surface wear zone better than any product in its class. It prevents tire marking and minimizes contaminant penetration. SEAL HARD is recommended for use on ACI Class 4, 5, and 9 (super flat) floors, and for Class 6 industrial floors. USDA approved. Ten year warranty against dusting available.


A concrete hardener and dustproofer that contains magnesium and zinc fluosilicate solution with an anionic surfactant for deep penetration and 100% chemical action. Five year warranty against dusting available.

FGS Hardener Plus

A proprietary, chemical hardening solution that is formulated to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of concrete floors that have been mechanically ground, smoothed and polished. This product is a component of the FGS PERMASHINE Floor Rejuvenation Process. Answers the unique demands of a flat, ground and diamond polished floor better than any other product.

Chem Hard

Economically hardens and dustproofs concrete surfaces by chemical reaction. This sodium silicate penetrating treatment is odorless. Five year warranty against dusting available.

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