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Crack, Joint and Surface Repairs

Don't let uneven or rough concrete floors be a bother any more.  Our concrete repair systems can eliminate most types of floor surface irregularities, providing a safe, clean and smooth floor surface without potholes and bumps.

One common problem with concrete is that it cracks.  Cracks are the start of further slab damage, as well as a place to harbor dirt, debris, and bacteria.  Concrete cracks for many reasons.  Most cracks can be permanently repaired, depending on the reason for their development.  We use different types of  systems to make repairs.  The above photos are one examples of the crack healing process.



Another common problem is irregular transitions in slabs.  They can cause damage to equipment product and pose a danger for lift operators.  Transitions are repaired by using a high strength repair mortar to feather off high edges and provide a smooth rolling surface.  Your employees will really appreciate these types of repairs.



Concrete floor joints can have different issues from being a bump or to having actual slab movement when loads go over them.  We have developed a repair system to connect slaps together and still allow movement for expansion.  This method utilizes steel reinforcement rods, slip fittings, ridged and semi-ridged polymers.





Sometimes, cracks and joints are just low, deteriorated or unsanitary.  Cracks and joints can be prepared and filled with a semi-rigid polymer that provides a flexible but somewhat hard wearing surface where the cracks were.


Many times, concrete develops rough areas due to wear or bad sections in the concrete.  These areas are repaired with a high strength epoxy mortar repair system that eliminates the holes or rough areas and restores surfaces to better than new conditions.  A smooth work surface improves employee safety and makes rolling loads, and any traffic, move more smoothly.




Many times, large expansion joints in floors become a rolling load problem; they can tip or cause product to shift.  These large joints can be properly prepared and filled with a semi flexible repair mortar to product a smooth transition from one side to the other.  These types of repairs will make traveling over these "hard to get over" spots a thing of the past and will improve employee safety.




Rapid setting Polyurea joint filling system eliminates downtime due to rapid cure and is ready for traffic on one hour.  The system will support concrete edges better than soft, flexible joint compounds, and eliminates edge breakage due to load transfer.  This 100% solids, non-toxic system offers application at temperatures from 40˚F to 130˚F and maintains flexibility even in low temperatures.  Available colors are: black, dark gray, light grey and tile red and is USDA approved.
Typical uses are: industrial facilities, freezers, retail stores, warehouse floors, food processing,  manufacturing facilities.

We provide crack and joint repairs for most of our flooring systems applications and have many different time-tested preparation and application methods to fit the needs of your application.  Although every application differs in condition and type of service, we can solve most floor and joint repairs.



Need more than patching?  Check out troweled floor resurfacers, or concrete floor grinding.

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